Keep Working As You Used

Bruutt is the simplest and smartest online solution for Sales, Trading, Project Management & Invoicing.
Because you can see all information at a glance, Bruutt gives more insight into your business operations. Running your own business becomes easier and it saves you a lot of money!

  • Organize your customer management as you usually do.
  • Composing potential leads in convenient sequences.
  • Draw up reports, invoices, quotations and contracts in a uniform manner.
  • Execute and update projects.
  • Taking care of the purchase of goods.
  • Accurately maintaining the administration and time registration.



The most complete and user-friendly business software for business service providers.
Experience the power of unprecedented flow in your business

The most complete and user-friendly business software for business service providers.

Are you looking for a leading CRM system and a seamless total experience? Then you are undoubtedly looking for the Bruutt CRM application. The application is fully adaptable to your requirements and needs and makes you work more efficiently every day. What's more, you can use the Bruutt CRM application free of charge if you're looking for a new app. If you pass on your data, you will have access to the CRM application to test it completely and without reservation. This way, you get a good impression of the application and then decide whether it's a system for you.

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CRM with a Personality

Bruutt famous system is praised, also for the fact that you can manage it yourself. That's why it always fits in with your daily work. As a result, you always have the freedom to manage users, add and delete fields, if necessary, and control your permissions. Also, you can easily make changes. This and much more you get when you choose the Bruutt CRM application. However, it's best to test it yourself for free first. Because that's the possibility Bruutt offers you.


We are always here for you

If you have any questions, you can always send them to We try to answer your question within 1 working day.

Bruutt helps small & medium businesses scale faster and engage customers much better. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, ready-to-use CRM system

Complete applicatie. Nieuwe apps voor een veilige terugkeer naar de werkplek
- Marcel Lewis

Super geweldig software, wij kunnen ons hele bedrijf ermee runnen
- Bert

Wij zijn van 8 verschillende applicatie over gegaan naar 1. Hierdoor is alles duidelijker en inzichtelijk
- Fred Jansen

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- angela whatson